1) Which of these is most likely to cause a printer jam? a) The platen b) Print head alignment c) Smeared ink d) Perf 2) What is true of print that is scrunched together? a) It's fuzzy and difficult to read b) It's speckled c) The spacing is closer than usual d) It's too light to read 3) What does print head alignment accomplish? a) Calibration b) Cleaning dried ink c) Preventing ink from smearing d) Accurate coloration 4) What causes print color to be different from the color on the screen? a) Worn out print heads b) Incorrect Chroma Display c) Speckling d) Smudged colors 5) What is the purpose of the transformer in a printer? a) Convert AC power to a usable voltage b) Convert computer commands to print c) Understand and execute various operating systems d) Switch between greyscale and color printing 6) What is it called when the faint image of previously printed pages appears on a different page? a) Echoing b) Replicating c) Smudging d) Ghosting 7) What takes the information a printer receives from the computer and turns it into commands for the printer components? a) Chroma converter b) Print spooler c) Formatter Board d) Print queue 8) What kind of printer can run an engine self-test, half-test or secret self-test? a) Impact b) Laser c) Ink jet d) 3D 9) What does a print queue show? a) Vertical alignment on a page b) What a document will look like after printing c) Problems discovered during a diagnostic d) Jobs waiting to be sent to a printer 10) What does a print spooler format print jobs in? a) The Unicode Standard b) The language the printer understands c) The computer's OS d) The formatter language

Troubleshooting Printer Problems (220-1001, Unit 12.4)


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