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1) Which of the following statements is NOT true? a) Companies must provide titable computer screens for their workers b) Companies must pay for glasses for employees c) Companies must provide adjustable chairs for computer users 2) What is ergonomics? a) The science concerned with designing safe and comfortable equipment for humans b) Ensuring that the hardware is reliable and won't break down c) Making sure that you don't have an accident at work 3) Which of the following statements is NOT a health and safety issue in a working environment? a) There should be no trailing wires b) Electrical sockets must not be overloaded c) All hardwire All hardware should be in perfect working order 4) Why would you refrain from placing a drink near your computer? a) If you have one, everyone will want one b) You're likely to get hungry too c) You might spill it and get an electric shock 5) A chair that isn't adjustable or supportive is most likely to lead to which of these health problems a) Eye strain b) Headaches c) Back problems 6) Typing for hours each day is most likely to cause which of these health problems? a) Back problems b) Repetitive strain injury c) Deep vein thrombosis 7) A flickering screen is most likely to cause which of these health problems? a) Eye strain b) Back problems c) Repetitive strain injury 8) Which of the following can help to prevent backache? a) Anti-glare screens b) Blinds at the window c) Foot rests 9) What legislation is aimed at keeping you safe at work? a) Data Protection Act b) Health & Safety at Work Act c) Copyright, Designs and Patents Act

Health and safety quiz

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