1) He ___________ (read) that book for two hours. a) has read b) have read c) has been reading d) have been reading 2) He ___________ (read) 53 pages so far. a) has read b) have read c) has been reading d) have been reading 3) Peter __________________ (win) four times. a) has been winning b) have won c) has win d) has won 4) How long _______________ (you/learn) English? a) have you learnt b) you has been learing c) have you been learning d) you have been learning 5) _______________ (you/catch) any fish? a) You have caught b) Have you caught c) Have you been catching d) Have you catched 6) You look tired. What _______________ (you/do)? a) have you done b) have you did c) you have been doing d) have you been doing 7) How long _______________ (you/work) as a teacher? a) have you been working b) has you been worked c) have you work d) have you worked 8) How long _______________ (you/know) your wife? a) have you been knowing b) have you knew c) has you known d) have you known 9) _______________ (you/ever/work) in a factory? a) Have you ever worked b) You have ever worked c) Have you worked ever d) Has you ever worked 10) I_______________ (never/ be) to China. a) never be b) never been  c) have been never d) have never been 11) He _______________ (appear) in several films. a) has appeared b) have appeared c) has appear d) have appear 12) I think the waiter ____________________ (forget) us. a) have forgotten b) has been forgetting c) has forgot d) has forgotten 13) She _____________ (travel) for 3 months. a) has traveleld b) have travelled c) has been travelling d) have been travelling


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