1) A Halloween ‘costume’ is something people can ... a) wear b) eat c) drink d) hear 2) A ‘zombie’ is a kind of monster that likes to eat ... a) fish b) chicken c) sweets d) people 3) Which of the following things do you need for a Halloween party? a) food b) people c) music d) all of them 4) You can use a ‘candle’ to see things ... a) at night b) far away c) very small d) under water 5) Which of the following words means ‘spooky’? a) special b) boring c) scary d) funny 6) Which of the following things can make scary ‘cobwebs’? a) spiders b) pumpkins c) mummies d) birds 7) Wear shoes on your feet but wear a mask on your …  a) hands b) face c) ears d) legs 8) Bats are special because they can fly … a) backwards b) at night c) without a map d) on the moon 9) A vampire is a kind of monster that likes to drink ... a) coca-cola b) human blood c) hot water d) orange juice 10) Do you want candy? Then just say this on Halloween! a) Happy Halloween! b) Happy Birthday! c) Bless you! d) Trick or Treat! 11) A Jack o’lantern is a pumpkin that has a ... a) knife b) face c) friend d) body 12) This kind of film is very scary! It’s a … film. a) science fiction b) romantic c) horror d) comedy 13) Do you believe there may be ghosts of … people? a) scary b) funny c) famous d) dead 14) You don’t have a Halloween mask? Then use this! a) a black cat b) socks c) make-up d) a witch


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