1) My sister ____ (watch/watches) T.V. in her room all the time. a) watch b) watches 2) David _____ (study/studies) Arabic at school. a) study b) studies 3) My friends ____ (go/goes) to tennis lessons twice a week. a) go b) goes 4) I ____ (swim/swims) in the swimming pool every day. a) swim b) swims 5) Sharon _____ (make/makes) salad every day. a) make b) makes 6) Anna ____ (have/has) a new doll. a) have b) has 7) The new computer ____ (work/works) very well. a) work b) works 8) Our teacher _____ (teach/teaches) only five days a week. a) teach b) teaches 9) The teacher always _____ (give/gives) us a lot of homework. a) give b) gives 10) My father always ___ (fix/fixes) everything at home. a) fix b) fixes 11) All the children ____ (enjoy/enjoys) the holidays. a) enjoy b) enjoys 12) My friends and I ________ (love/loves) movies. a) love b) loves




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