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1) Do you want .... this pizza? a) tasting b) to taste c) taste 2) I would like ....a millionaire. a) to be b) be c) being 3) My children enjoy .....abroad. a) to travel b) travel c) travelling 4) We are not going ......a holiday. a) have b) to have c) having 5) I hope.... see you soon. a) to see b) see c) seeing 6) He is thinking of ..... a new house. a) buy b) to buy c) buying 7) Are you afraid ..... snakes? a) to b) from c) of 8) MY students are good ....English. a) is b) with c) at 9) If you cannot do your homework, ask .... help. a) to b) for c) about 10) My friend is married ... a Japanese man. a) with b) to c) at

11. ifo unit 5

by Anonymous


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