1) milk a) countable b) uncountable 2) electricity a) countable b) uncountable 3) car a) countable b) uncountable 4) petrol a) countable b) uncountable 5) happiness a) countable b) uncountable 6) sugar a) countable b) uncountable 7) tree a) countable b) uncountable 8) dictionary a) countable b) uncountable 9) bread a) countable b) uncountable 10) a piece of .... a) milk b) sugar c) bread d) chocolate 11) a kilo of ... a) happiness b) sugar c) bread d) car 12) five litres of ... a) sugar b) electricity c) milk d) petrol 13) a bottle of ... a) milk b) tree c) dictionary d) happiness 14) a bar of ... a) bread b) chocolate c) electricity d) petrol 15) I'll need ____ more time to finish. a) a few b) a little 16) There aren't enough sandwiches for everyone. I'll buy ___ more. a) a few b) a little 17) With ___ help from Eric, we managed to finish the report on time. a) a few b) a little 18) I try to save ___ money every month. a) a few b) a little 19) I ordered my tickets online ___ days ago. a) a few b) a little 20) There are ___ biscuits on the table. a) some b) any c) a little 21) Sorry, I haven't got ___ English dictionary. a) a b) an c) any 22) How ___ work did you do last night? a) lot b) many c) much 23) There were ___ students already in class when I arrived. a) a little b) lots c) several 24) I ate most of the chocolate but there's ___ left. a) several b) a few c) a little 25) We haven't got ___ homework tonight, we can go out. a) any b) many c) a lot 26) There weren't ___ people at the party, only about ten. a) little b) many c) any 27) There are ___ books on your shelf. Have you read them all? a) a lot of b) several c) little 28) ___ of people went to the concert in the park on Saturday. a) Several b) Some c) Lots

Gold pre-first Unit 3 grammar Countable & Quantifiers


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