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1) What is a simile? a) A direct comparison between 2 things b) A comparison using the words 'like' or 'as' c) A comparison using the word 'kind' 2) What is a metaphor? a) A comparison using the word 'kind' b) A comparison using the words 'like' or 'as' c) A direct comparison between two things 3) It is raining cats and dogs is an example of? a) A metaphor b) A simile c) A smile d) A bad joke 4) 'It is raining cats an dogs' suggests that... a) There are animals falling from the sky b) The rain is loud c) The weather is fine d) Cats and dogs are crying e) It is raining hard 5) If we say the girl is like a mouse- what are we saying is similar? a) her size b) how furry she is c) how loud she is d) how quiet she is e) how quickly she scuttles 6) Which of the following is a simile? a) The monstrous baby b) The green forest c) The boy is as quick as a jackal d) The boy is a angel 7) Which of the following is a metaphor? a) The devilish daughter b) The sad mother c) The mum is as skinny as a bean pole d) The daughter is scared 8) Which of the following is the correct spelling? a) similie b) simile c) smile d) smilie 9) which is the correct spelling for the following ? a) metapor b) metaphore c) metipor d) metaphor e) metipore 10) Which of the following is not a simile or a metaphor? a) He is a lion b) She is like a eagle c) It is as heavy as a brick d) He is tall e) She is eagle eyed f) She is as white as a ghost

similes and metaphors

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