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Physical property - Describes how matter looks, feels, or interacts with other matter., Solids - Are made of closely-packed atoms or molecules, and they maintain a rigid form without a container., Liquids - Are made of closely associated atoms or molecules, and they will flow to conform to the shape of a container., Gases - Are made of mostly unassociated atoms or molecules, and they will expand to fill a container., Mixtures - When two or more substances combine physically., Dissolved - When a solid is mixed into a liquid and disappears., Solution - Is a mixture of one kind of matter (sugar) dissolved in another kind of matter (water)., Matter - Anything that has mass and takes up space., Evaporation - The change of a substance from a liquid to a vapor (gas)., Condensation - The change of a substance from a vapor to a liquid (Clouds)., Run-Off - Excess water that runs down hill to lower areas of land., Precipitation - Any form of water that falls from clouds; such as rain or snow., Atoms - The smallest unit or part of all things., Transpiration - The process which plants give water back to the environment., Chemical Change - Happens when one substance changes into another substance. Example: if you leave your bike outside in the rain it will probably have rust on it., Physical Change - Happens when a substances changes without changing the true identity of the substance (ex. water changing to ice), Mass - The amount of matter in an object., Weight - A measure of the pull of gravity on an object, Volume - The amount of space an object takes up.,

Matter Vocabulary


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