1) Do not ______ the ducks and geese jello! a) feed b) corn c) stay 2) The __________ Mr. Smith gave was hard to listen too. a) green b) speech c) sweep 3) Ellie will _________ the floor, and Mom will mop it. a) beep b) tree c) sweep 4) Mom ________ to be happy at her job. a) seems b) stay c) gray 5) The best colors are ___________ and tan. a) pray b) bee c) green 6) ___________ school will start! a) Plate b) Soon c) Quickly 7) Jane likes the fluffy, white ____________. Cole likes black and white goats. a) sheep b) peanut butter c) wheel 8) Hopefully, the box is full of ____________ a) sleeve b) toys c) case 9) Did you find a __________ cat? a) flat b) hungry c) bark 10) Cole read _________ sentences today. a) ten b) one c) twenty

Book 9.2 Sentences (10)


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