coach - a bus for long journeys, ferry - a boat that carries people and goods back and forth across a stretch of water, a car crash / a car accident - when two or more cars hit each other, cycle lane/bike lane - a narrow part of the road for bicycles only, parking fine/parking ticket - money you have to pay for parking illegally, pedestrian/zebra crossing - an area where vehicles must stop for people who are walking across the street, pedestrian zone/area - a place for people to walk; no cars are allowed, petrol station - a place where you can buy petrol, road works - When the road is being repaired., speed limit - the fastest speed allowed, taxi rank - a place where taxis wait for customers, traffic light - a set of red, green, and yellow lights that is used to stop and start traffic, traffic jam - a lot of cars, usually moving very slowly, set off - to start a journey, pick up - to give someone a ride in a vehicle; to collect someone or something (sometimes in a vehicle)., end up - to finally be in a particular place or situation, run out of - to have no more of (something), turn round/around - change direction and face the other way, be ahead of - to be in front of the others; to be more advanced than the others, crash into - being involved in an accident, usually a serious one in which the vehicle is damaged and someone is hurt, get stuck - be unable to move forward, satnav - A system for finding the best way to a place using information from satellites.,

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