1) Libby will _______ grape jelly with Granny at her home. a) make b) flat c) sunny 2) Granny has a big ________ of holly on her desk. a) grumpy b) vase c) likes 3) Granny's log cabin is small and __________. a) will b) trashy c) cozy 4) Today, Granny and Libby will __________ grapes for the jelly. a) pick b) flats c) quickly 5) Libby will take a ___________ of jelly home if it turns out swell. a) size b) bunch c) jump 6) Libby takes the left-over chunks of grapes and puts them in the a) print b) sticker c) trash 7) Libby puts the thick grape jelly into small ___________ and shuts them with a lid. a) crocks b) bumpy c) cowboy 8) Cole and Logan take the ____________ as it cools on the shelf. a) muffs b) jelly c) puffs


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