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1) North America is the ....... largest among the seven Continents. a) first b) fourth c) sixth d) third 2) What are the borders of North America? a) Pacific ocean, Arctic ocean, Atlantic ocean, Gulf Mexico.  b) Indian ocean and Mediterranean sea 3) What are the three main states of North America? a) Brazil, Argentina,Chile b) Paraguay, Alaska, Mexico c) Canada, United States, Mexico 4) What are the main lakes of North America? a) lake superior, lake Huron, lake Michigan b) lake Victoria, lake Malawi, lake Ciad. 5) What is the longest river in North America? a) Missouri b) Columbia c) Nilo d) Red river 6) Which is the highest mountain in North America? a) Montain denalis b) Montain Kenya c) Montain robson 7) Europeans have never colonized North America? a) yes b) no 8) Who discovered America ? a) Cristofolo Colombo b) Amerigo Vespucci c) Napoleone Bonaparte


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