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1) North America is the third in order of: a) size b) population c) tourism 2) In which countries is North America divided? a) Russia, Canada and the United States b) Russia, Canada and Mexico c) Canada, Mexico and the United States 3) Who conquered a part of North America in 1600? a) The Americans b) The Europeans c) The Africans 4) What is the most populous country in North America? a) Mexico b) The United States c) Canada 5) What is the longest river? a) Mississippi-Missouri River  b) Colorado River c) Yukon River 6) It is thought that the North American and South American continents are named after an explorer. Who? a) Columbus b) Amerigo Vespucci c) Garibaldi 7) What is the largest island on the planet? a) Hatteras b) Amelia c) Greenland


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