1) Hal and I _____ the fish. a) fed b) fog c) six 2) Did the red ________ fit in the box? a) Deb b) mug c) sat 3) I sat on the top ___________ of the ship. a) mom b) chop c) deck 4) I have to get _________ of this rat! a) rid b) red c) win 5) The jet was __________ and I got back at ten p.m. a) buck b) quick c) hush 6) Liv and Lin got a _________ for a pet. a) pet b) chick c) quiz 7) The mud on the ________ is wet and ick! a) lug b) hit c) pig 8) Tim hit his __________ and cut his lip. a) chin b) sock c) bug 9) The mop was in the _______ of the shed. a) pen b) back c) rash 10) Viv and Val pet _______ for Seth Nash. a) sit b) whiz c) had


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