1) Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a) The boy's are angry. b) The boys' hand is hurt. c) The girls' ran away. d) The boy's ran. e) The girl's mother is pretty. 2) Which sentence means that the dog belongs to two brothers? a) The brothers dog is tiny. b) The brothers' dog is tiny. c) The brother's dog is tiny. 3) Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a) He would'nt do that. b) He wouldn't do that. c) He wont do it. d) He wasnt' there. 4) Which sentence means the girl owns some books? a) The girls books are funnt. b) The girl's books are good. c) The girls' books are good. d) The girl's seen me. 5) Which sentence uses an apostrophe in the wrong place? a) The dog's bones are huge. b) The dogs' owners are kind. c) The dogs like to run. d) The dogs' are fighting. 6) Spot the punctuation mistake a) He had'nt heard her. b) He hadn't heard her. c) He wouldn't listen. d) He can't be bothered.

Literacy apostrophes quiz

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