1) Where ______ you live? a) do b) does c) is d) are 2) Who _____ she live with? a) do b) does c) is d) are 3) How often do you go to the gym? a) at 10 o'clock b) because I like exercise c) every day d) in Peterborough 4) Where do you study English? a) 3 b) On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays c) At Leicester Adult Education College d) my friends 5) Who do you live with? a) on Monday b) in my house c) at 10 o'clock d) alone 6) Who ______ she? a) am b) is c) are d) do 7) Why _____ you go to college? a) do b) does c) are d) is 8) Why do you go to college? a) to learn English b) 3 times a week c) 9am d) in Peterborough 9) Where _______ he live? a) is b) are c) do d) does 10) Why ______ you go by bus? a) does b) do c) are d) is


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