tool used to drain water from pasta or vegetables, wisk - kitchen tool used to mix ingredients, tongs - gadget that helps you turn food over when cooking, grater - a tool that allows you to grate food items so they are smaller, oven mitts - tools that allow you to safely take items out of the oven or handle things that are too hot, liquid measuring cups - kitchen tool that you use to measure liquids, rolling pin - tool used to help roll out dough evenly, dry measuring cups - tools that are used to help you measure dry goods such as flour, sugar or salt, pastry blender - used to help break up fats when making pie crusts and other pastries, kitchen shears - scissors specifially made for the kitchen, wooden spoon - used to mix and stir- bonus does not sctratch surfaces and is not hot to the touch, cutting board - used to cut and chop ingredients to prevent damage to the counter top, pastry brush - tool used to paint on things like oil, melted butter and bar-b-q sauce, slotted spoon - used to serve things where you would want the liquid to be drained first, flour sifter - gadget used to mix dry ingredients and to add air,


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