overjoyed - I would have been truly _____________ if I had won the lottery. , devastated - They were ______________ by the news that the terrible floods had wrecked their home ., gleeful - When I drove through the town in my new ferrari I felt ______________ . , helpless - The government keeps raising taxes for people who don't have enough money to survive. I feel completely ______________ ., petrified - She's a very nervous dog and she's ___________ of traffic., insecure - He felt a little ____________ about his first job because he hadn't taught large groups before., jealous - My friend feels very ____________ because her neighbour shows off in her new Ferrari!, speechless - Everbody says that when you see the Egyptian pyramids for the first time, their beauty and splendour leaves you _________________ ., frustrated - When I failed my English test I felt _______________ because I knew I could have done much better. , disillusioned - I felt __________ when I saw the movie, it was nowhere near as good as the book. , overexcited - My son is driving me crazy! He gets _________________ about meeting Mickey Mouse Disneyland!, ashamed - I feel ____________ when I have to speak English in front of my family or close friends., satisfied - I wrote the whole essay again but the teacher still wasn't ____________ ., restless - They felt really _____________ the night before they received their final exam results. ,


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