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Government Official - Their job was to assist the pharaoh in their role as supreme ruler of Egypt, Vizier - The top government official; appointed and supervised most of the other government officials, Chief Treasurer - Government official whose main duty was to look after the government's wealth. They collected taxes., General of the Armies - Government Official who was the top military commander. He advised the pharaoh in matters of war and national security., Priest - Oversaw religious aspects of Egyptian life; played a special role in the mummification process, Scribe - Egypt's official writers and record keepers, Artisan - Highly skilled laborers who were artists and craftsmen, Peasant Farmers - Lowest and largest social class in Egypt; unskilled laborers who grew the crops and supplied all of Egypt with food, Stone carver - The most skilled artisan; produced the statues and engravings in temples, tombs and monuments.,

Social Classes of Ancient Egypt


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