1) By the time her guests arrived, Anna ....... for hours. a) had been cooking b) had cooked 2) By the time her mom got home, Sonia ....... her homework. a) had been finishing b) had finished 3) By the time Amanda finished her work, her coworkers ........ a) had left b) had been leaving 4) By the time we arrived at the movie theater, the movie ....... for 30 minutes. a) had been playing b) had played 5) By the time I got into college, my best friend ....... at the university for two years. a) had been studying b) had studied 6) By the time Sandra was hired at this company, Lisa ....... here for five years. a) had been working b) had worked 7) By the time the waiter came to take our order, we ........ a) had left b) had been leaving 8) By the time the firefighters arrived, the house ....... a) had been burning down b) had burnt down 9) By the time I came home from work, my children ....... for ten hours. a) had slept b) had been sleeping 10) By the time I arrived at the shop, the owner ....... it. a) had been closing b) had closed it

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