1) Andy_________the car every weekend. a) wash b) washes c) washs 2) Every morning my mother _________ at 6 o'clock. a) get up b) gets ups c) gets up 3) Mr Black __________ e-mails in the evenings. a) write b) writs c) writes 4) The girls ____ the shopping. a) does b) do c) dos 5) Mandy and Susan_____ films every weekend. a) watches b) watch c) watching 6) John often_______ handball. a) play b) playes c) plays 7) His friend _______ to school. a) goes b) gos c) go 8) I ....fruits every day. a) eat b) eats c) eating 9) Mary .... fruits every day. a) eat b) eats c) eating  10) I ....Math every day a) studies  b) studying  c) study  11) Mary....Math every day a) study b) studying  c) studies

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