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Attribute - A single item of data which represents a fact about an entity., Data Mining - Interrogating the data to find patterns in the data which is stored in the warehouse, Data normalisation - A staged (mathematical) process which removes repeated groups of data and inconsistencies., Data Warehouse - A large collection of archived data used for decision making, Entity - An object of the real world that is relevant to an ICT system e.g. aplace, object, person, customer, product, etc., Foreign Key - a field of one table which is also a the primary key of another table, Primary Key - a field that is used to uniquely define a particular record in a table, Relational database - A large collection of data items and links between them structured in a way that allows it to be accessed by a number of different applications programs., Relationship - The way in which entities/tables in a system are related / connected/ linked to each other.,

Database Glossary


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