Describe the property adjacent to where you reside., Finish this sentence: Albeit though I am learning English, I can still..., Describe how to assemble the perfect sandwich., When was the last time you collapsed from exhaustion?, How can you show colleagues you care about their well being?, What is one thing you have accomplished that you once believed was inconceivable?, How can you convince someone to spend Christmas with you instead of family?, What are some signs of depression in young people?, Describe the funniest encounter you have had in Australia., What changes can see forthcoming in your life in the new year?, What are you inclined to eat when you feel overwhelmed?, How do people display integrity in relationships?, Which values are intrinsic to your world view?, Finish the sentence: There is a current outbreak of CoVid, Nonetheless ..., What are the odds of you staying long term in Australia?.

Academic Vocabulary Sublist 10A Discussion


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