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Ṣalāh   - Praying 5 times a day, Ṣawm - Fasting, Ḥajj - Going to Mecca for pilgrimage, Zakāt - Giving charity on certain items, Khums   - Giving one-fifth of your savings to your marjaʿ to be divided in a special way, Jihād - Struggling and defending in the way of Allah, Amr bil maʿrūf   - Guiding others to do good, Nahī ʿanil munkar - Stopping others from doing bad, Tawallī - Loving and following the teachings of the 14 Maʿṣūmīn, Tabarrī - Staying away from the enemies of the 14 Maʿṣūmīn and their teachings,




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