1) Ann feels like ... rock climbing today. a) to go b) go c) going 2) I don't want ... in an office. a) to work b) working c) to working d) work 3) He's looking forward ... to his boss. a) talking b) talk c) to talk d) to talking 4) She'd like... a new sport this summer. a) trying b) try c) to try 5) She decided ... with kids this year. a) working b) work c) to work 6) He plans ... smartly for the next meeting. a) dress b) dressing c) to dress 7) Do you mind ... a window? It's very stuffy in here. a) opening b) open c) to open 8) He hates ... breakfast too early. a) have b) having c) to have 9) ... in mining industry is very dangerous. a) Working b) Work c) To work 10) This quiz was not as difficult ... as the big test. a) do b) to do c) doing 11) I enjoy ____ when my family gets together. a) cook b) cooking c) to cook 12) Sometimes I feel like _____ when I am sad. a) to cry b) crying c) cry 13) I don't mind _____ a sandwich. a) eating b) to eat c) eat 14) I decided ____ to Moscow next year. a) move b) moving c) to move 15) I can't live without _____! a) sing b) to sing c) singing 16) I really hope ____ learning Chinese this year. a) to start b) starting c) start 17) Remember ____ the dog! a) feeding b) feed c) to feed 18) _____ is my life! I am a poet. a) write b) to write c) writing 19) I would like _____ this new dish tonight. a) to try b) trying c) try 20) I'll call you tomorrow after 2pm. I won't _____.  a) forget b) to forget c) forgetting 21) Can you ______ with my heavy bags, please? a) to help b) helping c) help 22) If you won a lot of money in the lottery, what would you _____ with it? a) to do b) do c) doing




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