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1) Who were the parents of Ḥaḍrat ʿAbbās (ʿa)? a) Umm ul-Banīn b) Imām Muhammad c) Imām ʿAlī (ʿa) 2) Who was the niece of Ḥaḍrat ʿAbbās (ʿa) for whom he went to get water? a) Sayyidah Sakīnah (ʿa) b) Umm Salamah c) Mary 3) What is the meaning of Qamar al-Banī Hashim a) the mountains b) the ocean c) the Moon of the Bani Hashim 4) Where is Ḥaḍrat ʿAbbās (ʿa) buried? a) India b) Karbala c) Russia




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