1) Dr. Michael Greger and Master Herbalist Yah'ki Awakened recommend drinking these teas to win the war against wrinkled skin? a) Dandelion & Green Tea b) Ice-T, the actor c) Earl Grey tea d) Lipton tea e) Mr. T 2)  Medical reports show that eating certain Vitamin C rich foods (except this one) can get rid of crows feet and laugh lines on your face? a) Avocados b) Oranges c) Pineapples d) Orange Juice e) Grapefruit 3) Healthline reports that all of these foods, except this one, have powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients to fight acne? a) Cacao b) Chia seeds c) Mustard seeds d) Berries e) Flax seeds 4) Medical reports show that adding this Vitamin D rich food to yourpizza, salads, or soups can help fight eczema. a) Chickpeas b) Pineapples c) Mushrooms d) Tomatoes e) Prunes 5) Healthline reports that eating orange and yellow fruits orvegetables can help fight eczema, but not this food: a) Squash b) Yellow Peppers c) Lemonade d) Carrots e) Red Peppers 6) Medical studies show that adding which juicy fruit to your sndwich or taco toppings provides Vitamin C that can help fight aging andinflammation to stop aging and eczema? a) Celery b) Apples c) Red lentils d) Tomatoes e) Potatoes

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