1) What is the only thing we are allowed to do sajdah on? a) metal b) natural things that grow from earth c) turbah (clay/earth)  d) Khak i shift 2) Why do we do sajdah on the turbah? a) Its the practice of Prophet Muhammad (s) b) Its healthier c) It smells good 3) What did Sayyidah Fāṭimah (ʿa) do from the earth taken from Ḥamzah’s grave? a) Cooked with it b) Smelled it c) Made a tasbeeh out of it 4) What is the act of sajdah on Turbat al-Ḥusayniyyah (ʿa) symbolic of? a) Imam Husayn and his intercession b) Karbala c) Sayyeda Fatima (sa)




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