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1) I ____________ to the cinema a) GOES b) GO c) GOS 2) YOU________________ a) HAVE BREAKFAST b) HAS BREAKFAST c) HAVES BREAKFAST 3) THEY________________________ a) TAKES OFF MY CLOTHES b) TAKE OFF MY CLOTHES c) TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES 4) I AND JENNY________________________ a) WATCH TV b) WATCHES TV c) WATCHS TV 5) HE___________________________ a) LISTENES TO MUSIC b) LISTENS TO MUSIC c) LISTEN TO MUSIC 6) YOU___________________ a) GOES HOME b) GO HOME c) GOS HOME 7) HE___________________________ a) WASH HIS FACE b) WASHES HIS FACE c) WASHS HIS FACE 8) SHE ______________________ a) BRUSH HER TEETH b) BRUSHS HER TEETH c) BRUSHES HER TEETH 9) SHE_____________________ a) COMB HER HAIR b) COMBS HER HAIR c) COMBES HER HAIR 10) WE______________________ a) READ b) WRITE c) DRIVE 11) YOU_____________________ a) WRITE b) WRITES c) WRITEES 12) YOU__________________ a) PACKES YOUR SCHOOLBAG b) PACK YOUR SCHOOLBAG c) PACKS YOUR SCHOOLBAG

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