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Parallelogramma - Perimetro=(l1+l2) ×2 area=b×h, #Quadrato - Perimetro =L×4 area=l×l, Rettango - Perimetro =(b+h) ×2 area=b×h, Rombo - Perimetro =l×4 area=(D×d) , Triangolo scaleno - Perimetro =l1+l2+l2 area=(b×h):2, Triangolo equilatero - Perimetro =l×3 area = (b×h) :2, Triangolo isoscele - Perimetro =(l1×2)+l2 area=(b×h):2, Trapezio scaleno - Perimetro =B+b+l1+l2 area=(B+b)×h:2, Trapezio isoscele - Perimetro =B+b+(l×2) area=B+b+(l×2),


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