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No more than 2 or 3 colours - Effective, Mulicoloured so its as bright as possible to catch peoples attention - WHAT!!, Simple clear text which is easy to read - Effective, Fancy writing which looks complicated - WHAT!!, Summarised information which is bullet pointed/kept to a minimum - Effective, As much text and explanation as you can possibly fit onto the page - WHAT!!, Size 14 font or above - Effective, Size 10 font or below - WHAT!!, Images which are clearly related to the topic being explained - Effective, Images which you like of things of interest to you - WHAT!!, Simple effects and transitions to add to the slideshow - Effective, A variety of different effects and transitions - the bigger the better - WHAT!!, Hyperlink colour which contrasts with the background - Effective, Hyperlink colours which are similar to the background colour - WHAT!!,

Effective Presentation Game

by Anonymous


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