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1) Would you like ... tea? a) some b) any c) many d) a few 2) There isn't ... milk at home. a) any b) many c) a few d) a lot 3) I have got ... friends. a) a lot of b) many c) much d) any 4) He hasn't got ... money. a) much b) a lot c) many d) a few 5) You eat ... food! a) a lot of b) a lot c) much d) any 6) There are ... books on the desk. a) a few b) any c) many 7) I haven’t got ... friends. a) much b) some c) many 8) Is there ... milk in the fridge? a) some b) many c) any 9) Is there ... homework for tomorrow? a) some b) a few c) much 10) He’s got ... money! a) much b) many c) a lot of


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