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correct: three cars, ten balls, an apple, a teacher, seven chairs, fifty rulers, nine new rubbers, eleven trees, a schoolbag, thirteen brown horses, twelve bears, a duck, seventeen lions, one snake, a piece of cake, two dancing sisters, a star, ninety-five rings, one moment, six potatoes, eight tables, an accident, two feet, one head, a picture, twenty-five fish, forty-eight flowers, a friend, three families, two uncles, uncorrect: four banana, nine pencil, a brothers, a windows, two dog, one sisters, four grandfather, a movies, eleven wardrobe, sixteen leg, one hundred mobile phone, seventy box, eighteen biscuit, forty-four t-shirt, a skirts, five cat, ten hippo, a tigers, seventeen monkey, a crocodiles, ninety bird, one boxes, thirty-six knife, a necks, four hand, twenty second, one aunts, eighty elephant, sixty-two house, a pears,



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