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1) La madre di Thomas ha una auto nuova. a) The mother of Thomas has got a new car. b) Thomas’s mother has got a new car. c) Thomas’ mother has a new car. d) Thomas’s mum has got a new car. 2) L’amico dei loro cugini non è italiano. a) Their cousins’ friend isn’t Italian. b) Their cousin’s friend is not italian. c) There cousins’ friend isn’t Italian. d) Their cousins’s friends aren’t Italian. 3) Hai un cane grosso e nero? a) Have you a black, big dog? b) Have you got a dog black and big? c) Have you got a big, black dog? d) Do you have got a big and black dog? 4) Tua sorella è brava a inglese? a) Is your sister good at English? b) Your sister is good at english? c) Is good your sister at Inglish? d) Is your good sister at English? 5) Lui ha venti anni? Si. a) Has he got twenty years? Yes, he has. b) Is he twenty? Yes, he is. c) Is he twelve years old? Yes. d) Has he twenty years old? Yes, he has. 6) C’è il tuo libro sul banco. a) There is you book on the table. b) There’s your book on the desk. c) Their’s your book in the desk. d) There is the book on your desk. 7) Ci sono tre cani in giardino. a) There’re three dogs in garden. b) There are tree dogs in garden. c) There are three dogs in the garden. d) They’re are three dogs in the garden. 8) Hanno un cane i tuoi nonni? a) Have a dog your grandparents? b) Have your parents got a dog? c) Have they got a dog? d) Have got your parents a dog? 9) La mamma dei miei cugini è mia zia. a) My cousins’ mum is my aunt. b) Mum’s cousins is my aunt. c) The my cousins’ mum is my aunt. d) My cousins’s mother is my aunt. 10) I giochi dei miei figli sono nuovi? No. a) Are my childs’ toys new? No, they aren’t. b) Are my children’s toys new? No, they aren’t. c) Are my children’s toys new? No, they are not. d) Are my children’ toys new? No.

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