What continent is Indonesia in? - Asia, What is the disease you can get from drinking dirty water? - Cholera, What is the name of the project trying to improve water supply in Jakarta? - Marunda, What year did Thames water start there project in Indonesia? - 1999, By 2000, how many homes had access to piped water? - 1600, What is the name of the land allowed to flood? - Floodplain, What economic activity happens in the lower course of a river? - Agriculture, When water can not soak into the land we call the land what? - Impermeable, What landform is found at the mouth of a river? - Delta, Building up the river banks creates what landform? - Levees , How many people in the world do not have access to safe water? - 1 in 8, What is a common way of accessing water in LEDCs? - Wells, Collecting rainwater that lands on buildings is called what? - Harvesting, The CLTS project in Nigeria helped how many millions of people gain access to better sanitation? - 2.5 , Which area of the UK has the most people living there? - South east, What could not cope with the cold weather in Dec 2010 in Northern Ireland which caused water problems? - Pipes, Where does Birmingham's water come from? - Elan Valley, When a river bends around hard rock what upper course landform is created? - Interlocking spurs, When a river flows over hard and soft rock layers what two landforms are made? - Rapids and waterfalls, What is the main landform of a river in its middle course? - Meanders, Deposition and what creates meanders? - Erosion, When a meander is cut off from the main channel what is made? - Oxbow lake, What type of erosion involves rocks banging into each other and breaking down? - Attrition , What is the name of the process when rivers carry material? - Transportation, What type of transportation involves materials bouncing on the river bed? - Saltation, What river process happens at the mouth of the river - Deposition, What is the name for the start of a river? - Source, At the start of the river land is described as what? - Steep, As a river flows towards the mouth the land becomes what? - Flat, What is the name given to the amount of water flowing in a river? - Discharge, LEDCs mainly use water for what activity? - Agriculture, MEDC's mainly use water for what? - Domestic , People in LEDC's have to spend a lot of their time doing what to get water? - Walking, What do children miss out on in their search for water? - Education, Give an example of an industry in MEDC's which need a lot of water? - Steelworks, As countries become what, they demand more water? - Wealthier, Historically all towns were built near what? - Rivers, The replanting of trees is known as what? - Afforestation,


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