Childcare workers are responsible for the following: ensuring that indoor and outdoor ____ are held and that records are kept securely ensuring that there is no danger of ____ to anybody at the work setting, such as when using toys and work equipment ensuring that a visual risk assessment is held on a daily basis in order to minimise or ____ ensuring that they have read the setting's ____ and procedures, and that they know where they are kept ensuring that ____, such as washing facilities and toilets are clean and that sufficient drinking water is available recording any ____ or incidents in the appropriate book, and keeping it locked up securely ensuring that they have completed a ____ course, and that the certificate is valid ensuring that ____ can be contacted, either using a landline, or that a mobile phone is available and in good working order ensuring that an Enhanced Criminal Disclosed has been completed and checked by the ____.

L3 Responsibility of the childcare worker




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