1) Photosynthesis takes place in a) the roots of a plant b) the stem of a plant c) the leaves of a plant 2) the products of photosynthesis are a) carbon dioxide and water b) chlorophyll c) glucose and oxygen only d) glucose, oxygen and chlorophyll e) water and light 3) when do plants photosynthesise? a) At any time b) During the day c) During the night d) it depends on the weather 4) we can increase the rate of photosynthesis by a) decreasing heat and increasing water b) increasing light and heat c) decreasing CO2 and increasing water d) none of these are correct 5) what causes the green colour of plants? a) The palisade cells b) the stomata c) the chloroplasts d) the spongy mesophyll 6) What do vascular bundles do? a) they are adapted to carry food and water b) they protect the plant c) they contain the chloroplasts d) they are adapted to allow gas exchange




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