1) Excel is .. ? a) A database b) A word processor  c) A presentation program d) A spreadsheet program 2) A spreadsheet is ... ? a) A program that modifies pictures b) A program that performs mathematical work c) A program that creates text based documents d) A website to watch videos 3) A spreadsheet workbook consists of ? a) Boxes b) Squares c) Cubes d) Cells 4) Which of the following is a correct cell reference (name)? a) %4 b) XX c) 4C d) C4 5) Using _________ in spreadsheets can allow you to quickly make calculations? a) Formulas b) Images c) Charts d) WordArt 6) A formula always starts with? a) - b) = c) * d) / 7) What is the symbol for multiplication on a spreadsheet? a) - b) + c) * d) / 8) What is the symbol for division on a spreadsheet? a) - b) + c) * d) / 9) When a number is changed on a spreadsheet the formula does automatically calculate the new answer? a) True b) False 10) What button can you click on to create a SUM formula? a) CreateSum b) AutoSum c) TotalSum d) Sum




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