1) Which of the following does the nucleus contain? a) protons and electrons b) protons and neutrons c) neutrons and electrons 2) Which of the following statements is correct? a) Protons have a positive charge and neutrons are negative b) Protons have a negative charge and electrons are positive c) Protons have a positive charge and electrons are negative 3) What is the atomic number? a) The number of atoms it contains b) The number of protons it contains c) The number of neutrons it contains 4) In an atom: a) number of protons = number of electrons b) number of protons = number of neutrons c) number of neutrons = number of electrons 5) A neutron has what charge? a) no charge b) positive c) negative 6) What is the mass of an electron? a) 1 b) -1 c) very small (so small you can ignore it) 7) What is the charge on an electron? a) +1 b) -1 c) 0 8) What is the mass of a neutron? a) 1 b) -1 c) 0 9) What is the charge on a proton? a) +1 b) -1 c) 0 10) What is an isotope? a) same number of protons, differnt number of electrons b) same number of protons, different number of neutrons c) same number of neutrons, different number of protons 11) What is an ion? a) a charged atom b) something to flatten a shirt c) an atom with different number of protons 12) If an ion gains an electron, what charge does it now have? a) positive b) negative c) no charge

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