Conductor - A material that allows allows heat or an electric current flow through easily., Mass - Tool used to measure: Triple Beam Balance, Magnetism - Pushing or pulling force produced by a magnet, Solubility - Measurement of the ability of a solid to dissolve in a liquid, Insulator - Stops the flow of energy, Mass - The amount of matter in something; measured in grams., Matter - Anything that has mass and takes up space, Physical Properties - Characteristics that can be observed or measured; for example, color, melting point, and conductivity, Conductor - Energy flows through, Physical Properties - Can Be: Observed, Measured, Classified, Changed, Used, Physical State - States of Matter, Insulator - A material through which heat or electricity does not easily flow, Physical State - Solid, Liquid, Gas, Density - How dense something is compared with a reference material., Magnetism - Magnetic, Mass - The measure of the amount of matter in something., Density - Sink or Float, Solubility - Dissolves or Does not dissolves,

Classifying Matter Vocabulary


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