1) If I (be) you, I (get) a new job. a) were/ get b) was/ 'd get  c) were,  'd get  d) were/ got e) be/ 'd get  f) were/ 'd got  2) If he (be) younger, he (travel) more. a) was/'d travel b) be/ 'd travel c) where / 'd travel d) were / traveled e) were / travel f) were/ 'd travel 3) If we (not/be) friends, I (be) angry with you. a) were /be  b) were / 'd be c) be / 'd be d) weren't/ 'd be e) weren't/ would were f) weren't/ do not be 4) If I (have) enough money, I (buy) a big house. a) have,/  buy b) has/ 'd buy c) had/ buy d) had/ 'd buy e) have not/ buy f) have not/'d buy 5) If she (not/be) always so late, she (be) promoted. a) were/'d be b) were/be c) weren't/ be d) were't/  'd be e) weren't /  'd be f) were/ were 6) We (be) late again if we (buy) a new car. a) wouldn't be/  bought b) would be/ buy c) wouldn't be/ buy d) would be/  'd be e) not be/ buy f) be/ bought 7) She (call) him if she (have) his number. a) 'd call/ have b) called/ had c) 'd call/ has d) call/ had e) 'd call/ had f) called/ have 8) They (go) to Spain on holiday if they (like) hot weather. a) 'd go/ like b) go/don`t like c) 'd go/ liked d) go/ like e) went f) go/liked 9) What (do), if I (tell) you that I was a thief? Would you have believed me? a) did/were b) would you have done/had told c) do you do/I will tell d) would tell you/told e) will you tell me/did f) are you doing/had told you 10) They (do) their homework if they (have) time. a) will do/have b) ‘d do/have c) did/had d) are doing/are having e) do/have f) do/will have 11) I (can do) that if I (know). a) could have done/know b) would can do/knew c) could have done/had known d) could do/ have known e) will can do/know f) would have been able to do/knew 12) I (not hang out) if it (rain). a) won’t hang out/rains b) would not hang out/rains c) don’t hang out/will rain d) don’t hanged out/rained e) didn’t hang out/ is raining f) will hang not out/rains


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