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1) When you are with friends of the same sex, what do you usually talk________? a) of b) around c) about d) to e) with 2) Are there any sports or games that you're good_____? a) with b) at c) for d) to e) from 3) Is there anything you're really looking forward _____? a) about b) for c) around d) of e) to 4) Who in your family are you closest_______? a) with b) about c) from d) to e) by 5) What kind of films are you keen______? a) of b) on c) by d) for e) from 6) Are there any animals or insects that you're afraid_____? a) of b) from c) by d) with e) for 7) What's your town famous______? a) from b) about c) by d) with e) for 8) Are there any superstitions that you believe_____? a) about b) with c) in d) for e) by

ESL Prepositions quiz1




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