1) Police officers deal with those who refuse *** the law. a) obeying b) to obey 2) Many teenagers consider *** a part-time job *** some extra cash. a) to get/ to earn b) getting/ earning c) getting/ to earn 3) Those who become dentists don't mind *** into people's mouths. a) looking b) to look 4) It must be difficult for a camp counsellor *** so many children! a) supervising b) to supervise 5) *** a famous musician, you must practise *** for long hours. a) To become/ performing b) To become/ to perform c) Becoming/ performing 6) I'd hate *** a nurse! *** such long hours must be really tiring! a) to be/ Work b) to be/ Working c) being/ To work 7) Imagine *** a job as a bed tester! You could lie around and get paid for that! a) getting b) to get 8) Lots of office workers waste time *** nothing during the day. a) doing b) to do 9) Many young people are eager *** a job as it gives them independence. a) getting b) to get 10) Customer service staff are expected *** polite and friendly. a) being b) to be 11) It is very stressful *** as a nurse or a surgeon. a) working b) to work 12) The job of a cashier is responsible because it involves *** with money. a) dealing b) to deal 13) Dad promised *** me work for his company when I'm 18! a) letting b) to let 14) I'm not very patient. I have difficulty *** still. a) sitting b) to sit 15) Smokejumpers carry a lot of equipment that they use *** a fire. a) putting out b) put outting c) to put out 16) *** you the truth, I don't think I'll get the job. a) Telling b) To tell 17) The job of a firefighter is so respectable because it's brave *** your life for others. a) risking b) to risk 18) Unless you're a storm chaser, avoid *** close to a storm! a) getting b) to get 19) He hopes *** an Olympic skater and spend lots of time ***. a) to become/ to practise b) to become/ practising c) becoming/ to practise 20) In his last year of Law School, he quit *** a cook! a) to became b) to become c) becoming

to-infinitive/ -ing (Starlight 7 Module 1)


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