1) Ega was at a party. There were a lot of guests there that Ega didn't know. Ega says " Hello , my name is Ega." One of guests says" Hello Ega, I am John. How do you do?. And Ega says....... a) Nice to meet you b) How do you do? c) Tine thanks d) I am glad to know you e) It is okay f) Never mind 2) Hello my students. I'd like to introduce myself......... I am an English teacher. a) My name is Miss Maryam b) Can you tell me your name? c) I want your name d) Hello, goodbye e) I want to call you f) Your name is good 3) You help someone with a heavy bag. They say "thank you" and you reply...... a) No, thanks b) Yes, I am c) I appreciate it d) I doubt e) I am grateful f) You are welcome 4) Amanda says " Give me an apology. I have lost your pencil." and Hanifah says"........................" a) Take it b) Thanks c) Sorry d) Please forgive me e) It is okay f) Have a nice day 5) Rama says " Hi, I bring some cookies for you." And Manda says"................................." a) I apologize for it b) I am really sorry c) Never mind d) Thank you very much e) Don't mention it f) You are welcome 6) Rahma says " Ok, see you tomorrow my friends." The underlined sentence expresses.................. a) Congratulation b) Apologizing c) Leave taking d) Greeting e) Thanking f) Saying 7) It is nine o'clock in the night. Hasan will go to sleep. He says.....to his parents. a) Good night b) Good bye c) Good morning d) Good afternoon e) Good evening f) Good day 8) Which one in the following is the expression of leave-taking/parting? a) Please forgive me b) Talk to you later c) How have you been? d) Sorry about that e) Thanks a lot f) You are welcome 9) The response of thanking is....... a) Don't mention it b) Forget it c) Fine thanks d) No problem e) I forgive you f) Pretty good 10) The way to greet someone is........ a) Please forgive me b) Thank you so much c) Sorry, I must be going now d) How is everything? e) So long. Take care f) Sounds good




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