1) When did World War 2 start? a) 1842 b) 1939 c) 1945 d) 1949 2) The war began when Germany invaded who? a) Poland b) Britain c) Italy d) America 3) Who was the British prime minister when WW2 was declared? a) Winston Churchill b) Tony Blair c) George Bush d) Neville Chamberlain 4) What started on 7th September 1940? a) D-Day b) WW2 c) The Blitz d) WW1 5) Who was the leader of Germany during WW2? a) Adolf Hitler b) Neville Chamberlain c) Winston Churchill 6) When did WW2 end? a) 1913 b) 1914 c) 1945 d) 1939 7) What day was held at the end of the war? a) Celebration Day b) Christmas Day c) Easter Sunday d) Victory in Europe Day


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