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Two - Number of court systems in the U.S., Jury - Group of people who decide a case after hearing the evidence, Affirm - When an appellate court upholds/agrees with a verdict, Unconstitutional - Something that goes against the Constitution, Nine - Number of justices on the Supreme Court, Reverse - When an appellate court rejects a verdict, Supreme Court - This court gets to choose which cases to hear, Appellate - Type of court that reviews the trial court’s decision, Judicial Review - The power of the Supreme Court to decide what is Constitutional or not, Panel - When there is more than one judge, the group of judges is called, District - The lowest court in the federal system, Trial Court - The first court to hear a case, can be called District, Evidence - People or things that can prove one side’s version of what happened, Remand - When an appellate court sends a case back to the trial court, Constitution - The document that created the judicial branch, Civil - Type of case relating to peoples’ rights, State - Court system that deals with state laws, Federal - Court system that deals with United States laws, Criminal - Type of case about someone accused of committing a crime, Bench Trial - Type of trial that has no jury,

Judicial Crossword


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