1) Mom: " Buy some milk." 2) My friend: "Help me with my homework." 3) Mom: "Don't be late." 4) Mom: "Don't make a mess." 5) "Wait here." 6) A friend: "Don't smoke." 7) Mom: "Would you bring me a cup of coffee." 8) He _________ go skating because he broke his leg. 9) _________ I have a look at these shoes in the window? 10) we __________ pay for the tickets because my dad won them. 11) I hope we _______ find the cinema easily. 12) We couldn't find a hotel room so we _________ sleep in a car. 13) You _________ cross the street. The light is red. 14) It's a hospital. You _________ smoke. 15) I ___________ speak Italian when I was younger. 16) He: "Close the door behind you." 17) She: "Don't drink and drive." 18) My friend: "Meet me at the cinema." 19) People __________ walk on grass. 20) Drivers _________ stop when the traffic lights are red. 21) You _______ take your umbrella. It's not raining. 22) You _______ leave small objects around. Such objects _____ be swallowed by children.




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