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noun - Bob, dog, rain, table, China, verb - hop, think, said, do, had, adjective - large, fast, beautiful, adverb - carefully, obviously, suddenly, pronoun - he, she, they, it, preposition - over, at, in, after, article - the, an, a, clause - the big dog barked, phrase - the big dog, subordinate clause - who was chained to the fence, main clause - the big dog, ........... , barked, antonym - under/over, left/right, synonym - fast, quick, rapid, express, contraction - don't, I'm, o'clock, imperative/command - Sit down!, singular - an apple, a sheep, a wolf, a cabbage, statement - Lunchtime starts at 12.00., question - How old are you?, plural - apples, sheep, wolves, cabbages, tense - past, present, future e.g. I did, I do, I will do, prefix - un-, mis-, anti-, suffix - -ment, -ing, -ness, active - Jack broke the window., passive - The window was broken, subject - I am going to the park..., object - ...with you.,

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