1) Cardiorespiratory fitness, cardiorespiratory endurance, aerobic fitness these are all other names for: a) Cardio vascular fitness b) Aerobic Endurance c) muscular endurance d) Agility 2) Tennis players need to be able to hold the racket and swing their arm over and over again, for a whole game. This means they need good ... a) Power b) Aerobic Endurance c) Muscular Endurance d) Agility 3) A weightlifter would need good .................... in order to lift a heavy weight a) Balance b) Agility c) Muscular Endurance d) Muscular strength 4) In order to work out speed you need to do the following calculation.... a) Speed = power/ distance b) Speed = Distance / Time c) Speed = Time / Distance d) Speed = Distance/ power 5) Accelerative speed is sprints up to .............. a) 30m b) 60m c) sprints with short rest 6) Pure speed is........ a) sprints with a short rest b) sprints up to 60m c) sprints up to 30m 7) If training stops, or the intensity of training is not sufficient enough to cause adaptation then .................... occurs a) Variation b) Progressive Overload c) Adaptation d) Reversibility 8) In order to improve cardiovascular fitness the training zone you should work at is: a) 50% HR Max b) 85% of HR Max c) 60% of HR Max d) 40% HR Max 9) The upper training threshold that could be used to improve speed is: a) 85% HR Max b) 80% HR Max c) 70% HR Max d) 40% HR Max 10) In order to work out maximum heart rate you do the following equation: a) 225- age b) 220- age c) 200 - age d) 215- Age 11) If a person states their RPE is 18 what should their heart rate be? a) 182 b) 18 c) 170 d) 180 12) Bouncing with fast jerky movements this is a ......................... type of stretch a) Ballistic b) PNF c) Active d) Passive 13) If training for maximum strength you should do: a) 75% 1RM and 12 reps b) 50-60% 1RM and 20 Reps c) 90% 1RM and 6 Reps 14) If training for strength endurance you should do: a) 90% 1RM and 6 reps b) 50-60% 1RM and 20reps c) 75% 1RM and 12 reps 15) In order to make speed training harder you can: a) sprint harder b) Hill sprints and resistance drills 16) The forestry step test measures....... a) Agility b) Aerobic Endurance c) Muscular endurance d) Power 17) How high should the step be for females? a) 33 cm step b) 20 cm step c) 12 cm step d) 30 cm step 18) How many steps do you complete per minute in the forestry step test? a) 18 steps b) 19 steps c) 20 steps d) 22.5 steps 19) In order to work out BMI you do the following equation: a) BMI= Body Mass / Height Squared b) BMI= Height Squared/Body Weight 20) In the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis test (BIA) where do you place the electrodes? a) L.hand, L,Wrist, L ankle, L foot b) R.hand, R,Wrist, L ankle, L foot c) L.hand, L,Wrist, R ankle, R foot d) R.hand, R,Wrist, R ankle, R foot 21) When doing the skinfold test the female sites are: a) Tricep, Suprailiac, Thigh b) Bicep, Suprailiac, Thigh c) Tricep, Suprailiac, Abs 22) When doing the skinfold test the sites for a male are: a) Chest, Suprailiac, Thigh b) Leg, Abdominals, Thigh c) Chest, Abdominals, Thigh





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